Art Deco Office, Moscow

This interior is the office of the CEO of a large industrial holding. The plan of the premises is standard: reception, office and meeting room.

The area, about 150 m2, is compatible with the size of the apartment, and our bureau designed the interior almost as residential, with no boredom and rigorousness associated with offices. The interior is solemn, but appealing. Dark, but warm tones were used: the panelled wall in the meeting room of the office looks like a huge chocolate bar. Mossy green, also present in the interior, is prompted by the upholstery fabric of the dining set by Italian brand Annibale Colombo: it was chosen by the customer.

Interesting features of the project are the structure of the ceiling – it is caissoned in order to hide communications, and the composition near one of the walls: to hide the supporting pylon, we built another one to match it and placed a shelf in the niche that was formed as a result.

As always in our projects, in the interior of the office there are details in the Art Deco style – in this case, these are objects of art.