Art Deco Apartment, Saint Petersburg

This 77 m2 apartment was designed for the client who mostly lives abroad, but wanted to have her own “place” in St. Petersburg. The planning solution is logical and functional. The only planning restriction was one inner supporting wall, which determined the dimensions of the main bedroom and living room. All other partitions were rebuilt.

The client did not have special stylistic wishes, she was familiar with the corporate identity of our bureau, and it suited her. Given the modest size of the apartment, we have created a light and contemporary version of Art Deco. The interior is not overloaded with details, but it is full of interesting textures – for example, we introduced a lot of mirrored surfaces, which help to increase the space and make it deeper. So, panels from an aged mirror are in the hall, in the bathroom there is a mirror wall in the floor. And there is the round antique mirror in the Art Deco style, specially bought for this interior in Paris.

Another interesting technique that we used in the apartment is the decoration of the cabinets in the bedroom with the same wallpaper as on the walls. This makes the space both unified and interesting.

As always in our projects, there are many elements created according to the designer’s sketches – such as doors with mirrored inserts with a fish scale motif: this is a typical Art Deco technique that always looks amazing.