Apartment with a view of Tavrichesky Garden, Saint Petersburg

This 200 m2 apartment is located in the centre of Saint Petersburg and wonderful views of the city and Tavrichesky Garden open up from it’s windows.

The apartment is double-sided and split into a private block with two bedrooms and a guest zone with a formal and spacious living and dining room, and a study. The fireplace zone in the living room is especially welcoming and comfortable.

The interior is designed in American version of the classical style. Numerous objects designed by our bureau, such as the bar in the kitchen-dining room area make it truly unique. The active use of bright colour makes this project stand out in our portfolio. For example, the walls of the study are covered with mahogany panels and decorated by bright prints by French artists of 1950s. The dining room is defined by the use of terracotta-red upholstery of the dining chairs. This same bright colour reappears in one of the children’s rooms, and the master bedroom is decorated with combination of dark wood and blue and red accents introduced in headboard and textiles.