Apartment on Tverskaya street, Moscow

The 185 m2 apartment is located on the top floor of a modern residential building in the center of Moscow. Customers consulted us about the possibilities of this space before buying it. High ceilings, panoramic windows and beautiful views outweighed a minor problem of the layout – the presence of load-bearing columns that limited planning possibilities. In order to visually “remove” these massive supports, we designed pylons with hidden TVs and bookshelves. In the bedroom, for example, the column is covered with panels of an aged mirror.

Stylistically, the apartment is designed in the spirit of Art Deco. The interior is strict, which is dictated by the architecture of the house, yet the ambience is softened by variety of textures and finely designed color scheme. For example, all the textiles in the apartment are chosen in one color scheme, but differ in shades and materials. The interior has a lot of dark wood, brass elements, and objects and architectural elements according to our sketches.

Work on the project took a little more than a year – it was possible to achieve efficiency due to mutual understanding with customers and professional work of our team to coordinate construction, production of necessary elements in Russian workshops and furniture delivery from the USA and Europe.