Apartment at “Smolny Park” Residential Complex, Saint-Petersburg

This 200 m2 apartment was designed for a family with two children. Stylistically the interior is a mild combination of classical elements, such as plaster mouldings on ceilings, delicate Art Deco details and some midcentury furniture pieces. The most important space in the apartment is the living room. Its colour scheme is defined by warm terracotta tone of textiles, walnut panelling and veins on marble. There is a striking set of armchairs covered with geometrically-patterned fabric. The colours of walls and textiles throughout the apartment are in creamy “baked milk” tones, which gives all the spaces warmth and coziness and creates a mild but effective contrast with dark edgings that decorate all door frames in the interior. Another interesting accent in this interior are the dark lining along which technical lights on the ceilings are placed: they bring out the mouldings graphically and invest the whole project with originality and freshness.