Polina Pidtsan was born in Saint Petersburg. She has been designing interiors since 2008, working mostly in Moscow and Saint Petersburg and creating interiors for private apartments and country houses.

Polina Pidtsan’s bureau is a team of professionals guided by experienced and creative leader. We specialise in providing turnkey interior solutions even for the most complex projects. Polina’s interiors harmoniously combine comfort, functionality and high style. She works in traditional manner, her interiors feature elements of classical style and Art Deco as well as contemporary design trends. Polina’s projects are nobly calm, elegant and sophisticated. Her working paradigm is striving to create striking, recognisable interiors by choosing every design element in the interior, from colour schemes to textures, with extreme thoroughness. Deep knowledge of interior styles, materials, colour combinations and decorative trends allow Polina to create signature projects that are balanced, artistic, and comfortable and provide the best quality of life for her clients.

Polina has graduated from the Saint Petersburg Branch of the International Design School which is a member of IIDA – International Interior Design Association. She did her internship in the KLC Design School in London. She is featured in AD Russia “100 Best Designers” rating. In 2018 Polina won “Best Interior Design” prize in European Property Awards international competition.  Apart from desining interiors, Polina Pidtsan has also created her own furniture line and high jewellery collection (in collaboration with Axenoff Jewellery).